Valley Forge Class of 1974 25th Reunion

Bar Night at Hooters Parma Hts., August 20, 1999

(Damn, I miss that place!)

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Chris Burke and Tom Topor (background)
Patty Bahr, John Orendt and Linda McIntosh
Rick Stone and John Orendt
Dave Calfee, Patty Bahr and Cindy Calfee
Debbie Pirie, Terri Boxler, Elizabeth Monaco, Carl Schanz, Rhoda Offinitz, Lynn Baumann
Linda McIntosh, Carl Schanz, Jane Shoaf Turner
Terri Boxler Smalley, Mark Podany, Deann Day Wendell
Steve Mosshart (background), Terri Boxler Smalley, Deann Day Wendell
Gary Johnson
Gary Johnson plants one on Sharlene Dempsey Habarek
John Orendt, Linda McIntosh, Jane Shoaf Turner (back to camera)
Janet Schlacht Klimm, Don Holt, Sue Belsan Howard
Tom Topor (back to camera), Dave Sedlak, Rick Stone, ????
Gary Johnson, Sharlene Dempsey Habarek, Ray Brezina, ???, ???
Tim Thomas, Craig VanOskeuls
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