Valley Forge Class of 1974 30th Reunion

Party at the Terrace Club at Jacob's Field

September 11, 2004

Sorry for the delay, slowly but surely I'm getting them in!
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Can you believe it's been 30 years?
Sue and Carl Schanz
Mark Podany, Carl Schanz

Who keeps letting these guys in?

The new scoreboard at Jacob's Field
A view of the field from the Terrace Club
Harlan and LaVerne (Schaeffer) Hineline
Sue and Carl Schanz at the registration table
Mike Joy and friend Kelly
Lynn Kuhn, Tom Topor, Annette Hoffman, Allan Bruder and Eva Cseko
Debbie Kussin and Debbie O'Malley
At the registration table
Dan Brush, Sue Schanz, Carl Schanz start the Jacob's Field tour
Attendees listen to the tour guide
On the warning track at the Jake
Allen Bruder, Sue and Mike McManus on the field
Everybody's listening to Carl!
In the batting cages uner the Jake
Everyone's listening to the tour guide talk about the batting cages
A sunset view of the Hope Memorial Bridge (aka Lorain Carnegie Bridge) from Jacob's Field
Deann (Day) Wendell, Terri (Boxler) Smalley, Rick Smalley, Allen Bruder
Fran (Tutino) Cotugno, Tom Topor, Annette Hoffman, David Cotugno
Sue Reynard, Mary Kay Hoover
Bill Fejes, Craig Sevinsky, Bob Petrak
Cindy (Urban) Jackson, Lauren (Link) Bongiovanni, Ric Bongiovanni
Mike Joy and Kelly
Monica and Kevin Gaffney
Dave Sedlak, Eva Cseko
Janet (Schlacht) Klimm, Laure (Vavrek) Hardy
The back of Brian Kay, Diane (Wind) Yako, Sandy (Kish) Jordan
Steve Mosshart and Tom O'Stasik reminisce about their times at VF
Dave Altfater, Chris Caffrey, Paul Romeo
David and Dawn Swartwood, Tim Thomas
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